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Designed to help brands grow.

Over the years, we’ve designed and built various complex softwares (Web, Mobile, Cloud, Integrations) for different industries and partnered with some of the most ambitious founders & operators on their startup journey.

Live Leads

Live leads breathe life into sales pipelines, aligning with market needs in real-time. Explore job boards, scrape data, and seize the pulse of demand. Live leads pulse through pipelines, sourced from platforms like LinkedIn and Glassdoor. Capture market needs in real-time, seizing the essence of opportunity. It’s the hour to connect, understand, and thrive.

  • Sales Pipeline Strategy

    Our sales team will work with you to strategically organise your sales pipeline.

  • Innovative Approach

    Utilizing modern strategies like LLM and AI/ML Engagement, we’ll invigorate leads, making them more alive and concrete.

Leads Enrichment

Using innovative technologies and creative approach we enrich concrete, valid, result oriented personalized leads for clients. Our development is result oriented and target based to drive organic growth for your business.

  • Dynamic Lead Enrichment

    We regularly update and enhance live leads from various platforms according to your immediate requirements.

  • Daily Lead Enrichment Service

    We update our database daily with fresh leads gathered from various platforms. If any target company needs your services, we’ll let you know based on their recent requirements.

Email Marketing

Revolutionize your email marketing approach with dynamic, personalized strategies that speak directly to your audience. Through leveraging concrete leads, we guarantee results that align seamlessly with your market objectives. Step into the future of email campaigns with our innovative approach.

  • Dynamic Connections

    Our dynamic email templates are meticulously crafted to resonate perfectly with your audience, ensuring that every message reflects the essence of your resources and speaks directly to their needs.

  • Spam Fixation

    We specialize in comprehensive management of all spam-related issues within our marketing strategies.

  • Open/Click Rate

    We excel in optimizing open rates, click rates, and continuous engagement to elevate performance to its peak.

Automate Sales Pipeline

Our web scraping and crawling services enable your tech company to gather valuable leads from websites and online sources quickly and efficiently, helping you to make data-driven decisions and gain a competitive edge. We automate your sales pipeline according to specific requirement and target niche.

  • 24/7 Live Leads

    We procure high-quality, actionable leads from various platforms, delivered within 24 hours for optimal results.

  • Automated Pipeline

    We’ve streamlined the pipeline for live leads, ensuring seamless daily operations through automation.

  • Automated Templates

    We leverage automation through scripting to integrate AI/LLM for generating increasingly imaginative outcomes, surpassing mere exception handling.


We prioritize personalization in our outreach efforts to companies. By thoroughly understanding their descriptions, requirements, and unique attributes, we ensure that our email templates resonate as essential solutions, compelling organizations to engage with our services.

  • AI Engagement

    We utilize LLM and AI/ML to dynamically generate and personalize templates.

  • Progressive Web Apps

    Great for apps with integrated web & mobile interfaces, PWA’s offer good performance and app-like features.

  • Giff Engagement

    We utilize GIF templates to dynamically incorporate targeted website screenshots into our templates, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of all descriptions and requirements.

Tier 1


Create customized target lists and marketing campaigns, monitor prospects engagement and initialize outbound calls. Get qualified leads delivered to your CRM.

Tier 2

Lead generation
& Customer onboarding

Build your deal flow, develop customized offers, facilitate closing process, negotiate with prospects and onboard new clients.

Tier 3

Lead generation,
Customer onboarding

& Account management

Build your deal flow, facilitate customer acquisition, create and execute long- term strategy for maximizing customer value.

Our Process

Choose Your Fractional Sales Team Profile.

Build a team of top performers without the stress of hiring, training, and retaining additional full-time staff through Martal’s fractional sales management services.

Sales Operations Manager

Responsible for communicating your overall campaign progress including objectives and KPIs set, positive results generated, and continuous monitoring and improvements throughout

Fractional VP of Sales

Responsible for developing your go-to-market strategy and product market fit, creating campaign collateral, and building your sales funnel

Fractional Marketing Manager

Responsible for researching your prospect personas, monitoring customer intent, curating prospect lists and launching campaigns

Dedicated SDR (optional)

Responsible for engaging your prospects and generating meaningful results through personalized sales cycles

Our Engagement

Our sales team will invest up-to 20 hours learning, strategizing, and finalizing your marketing collateral (a process typically taking 1–2 weeks).

Following that our action-items will include:

  • Facilitating both direct sales and channel partnerships
  • Developing pre-qualified leads lists – up to a few thousand per month
  • Personal messaging templates
  • Outbound email outreach and calls
  • Individually personalized outreach (Account Based Marketing)
  • Conversion tracking & KPI analytics
  • Attending conferences and setting appointments at trade shows (at an extra cost)
  • Appointment booking, discovery calls and demos led by US based VP Sales
  • Publications that will build back-links & increase your website’s SEO and foot-traffic (at an extra cost)
  • LinkedIn invites & messaging
Average monthly
leads funnel

your sales and attract new customers

Total prospects targeted
3000  –  5000
Total emails sent
9000  –  12000
Total emails opened
2000  –  3000
Total calls
250  –  450
LinkedIn followups
600  –  700
Total responses
150  –  200
Total qualified leads
20  –  30
Total flipped leads
5  –  15

Sampling Of Verticals Served

  • Fintech

  • Healthcare

  • Fintech

  • MSP

  • Telecom

  • Consulting

  • Cleantech

  • Marketplaces

  • Transportation

  • HR tech

  • Information Technology

  • Insuretech and Financial Services

  • B2B SaaS

  • Web Development and UI / UX

  • Cyber Security

  • Education and training

  • Software Development

  • Digital Marketing Agency

  • Technology

  • E-commerce and retail

  • Energy and Solar

  • AI and Machine Learning

  • Logistics and Supply Chain

Meet Client Satisfaction after working with us

Frequently Asked Questions.

When you delve into lead generation, you become a matchmaker between your business and high-level decision-makers by engaging, nurturing, and qualifying them as potential leads. The end goal of lead generation is to create opportunities for meaningful business collaborations and partnerships.

In B2B sales, there are multiple avenues to discover potential business partners and clients, but choosing the right strategies for your company comes down to tangible outcomes.

Some of the most effective B2B lead generation services that produce high-quality leads and meaningful sales meetings include:

Outbound Email Marketing: Gone are the days of mass-blast email tactics. Now, it’s about a strategic approach where tailored messages are sent to specific targets, aiming to engage and spark interest. The trick is creating compelling content that is relevant, personalized, and compelling enough to elicit a response.

Social Selling: The digital age has produced professional platforms like LinkedIn, where sales reps can connect directly with decision-makers. This type of social media outreach, also known as social selling, involves building meaningful relationships online, sharing valuable insights, and positioning oneself as a thought leader in the industry.

Cold Calling: Often perceived as old-school, cold calling can still offer a goldmine of opportunities when done right! It’s all about reaching out directly to potential clients, understanding their challenges, and presenting them with a remedy that resonates.

Each method has its own merits, but the absolute best approach involves a blend of these strategies, known as outbound multichannel outreach. However, for these campaigns to be successful, it’s imperative to have a deep understanding of your ideal client’s profile, their needs, and how best to communicate the solutions in a personalized package.

Forging genuine connections can be both challenging and time-consuming, which is why lead generation services have become exceedingly popular over the past few years.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect from lead generation services:

Precision Targeting: Most sales reps spend 50% of their time chasing the wrong prospects. Through lead generation services, you can quickly zero in on prospects that genuinely align with your business values and offerings — making quality over quantity more than just a mantra for your sales team.

Streamlined Sales Pipeline: By sourcing and qualifying leads more effectively, your sales team can focus on what they do best: closing deals. Less time on cold prospects means more time nurturing relationships that have real potential.

Increased ROI: Investing in tailored lead generation services can significantly amplify your return on investment. You’re channeling resources into strategies proven to resonate with your target demographic.

Adaptability: The buyer’s journey is always evolving, as are the tactics used by lead generation experts. Hiring a lead generation service provider keeps your outreach current, relevant, and in tune with the latest market dynamics.

Data-Driven Insights: Lead generation isn’t just about getting prospects; it’s also about understanding them. With the right services, you gain access to valuable data and insights about your target audience, helping refine your strategies further.

The cost of B2B lead generation services can vary significantly based on several factors: the scope and customization of services, the volume of desired leads, the technological tools involved, and the duration of engagement. Additionally, prioritizing enterprise leads or targeting specific geographical regions might impact pricing. While comprehensive strategies may command a higher cost, they often bring a more robust return on investment. It’s essential to evaluate the potential ROI and maintain open discussions with service providers to understand costs fully and expected outcomes.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to lead generation in the B2B realm. However, effectiveness boils down to a strategy that aligns perfectly with your business’s unique goals and your target audience’s preferences. Outbound email marketing, for instance, is perfect for delivering tailored messaging that speaks directly to the recipient’s needs. Social selling through LinkedIn prioritizes genuine relationship-building and thought leadership. Cold calling, while traditional, focuses in on immediate, direct communication that dives into a prospect’s challenges. The real magic, though? Harnessing the strengths of each through a multichannel campaign. This approach, rooted in a keen understanding of your ideal client’s profile, offers a potent mix of personalization, outreach, and relevance, often leading to promising business collaborations.

A B2B lead generation agency is a trusted partner for businesses looking to grow. These agencies specialize in identifying potential business relationships or clients genuinely interested in your offerings. Rather than you sifting through the endless possibilities of prospects, they use their expertise, tools, and strategies to pinpoint golden opportunities, so your sales team is equipped with warm leads ready for meaningful conversations.

Working with a B2B lead generation agency is like unlocking a treasure trove of specialized strategies. A skilled lead generation partner will kick things off by understanding your business goals and ideal client profile. From there, they craft tailored outreach campaigns, tapping into modern outbound marketing methods to capture the attention of high-level decision-makers who genuinely need your products or services. Using a mix of cutting-edge technology, data analytics, and good old human touch, they nurture these leads, ultimately setting the stage for productive sales appointments. Essentially, they streamline the journey from first contact to signed contract, ensuring you’re always speaking to the right people at the right time.

Enlisting the expertise of a lead generation agency is a strategic move that can offer your business a competitive edge in your market. Let’s break down some of the benefits:

Expertise on Demand: Agencies live and breathe lead generation. They’re armed with the latest strategies, tools, and industry insights so your campaigns stay ahead of the curve.

Efficient Resource Allocation: Instead of training an in-house team or spending resources on trial-and-error, an agency can hit the ground running, maximizing your ROI from day one.

Scalability: As your business grows, agencies can adapt and expand their strategies, supplying your team with a consistent flow of quality leads no matter your company’s size.

Tailored Strategies: With an intimate understanding of various sectors, they craft campaigns that resonate specifically with your target audience, making every interaction count.

Data-Driven Decisions: With access to analytics and reporting tools, agencies provide actionable insights, allowing you to refine your strategies and make informed business decisions.

Time Savings: While they handle the legwork of identifying and nurturing leads, you can focus on closing deals and driving business growth.